social responsibility

In today's world where the concept of Social responsibility is considered as a part of organizational values, creating a difference through contributions to the society has become the most important agenda item for commercial entities.

Türk Nippon Sigorta develops Social Responsibility Projects in certain periods and provides support to social needs, based on the requirements of individuals and the society and the needs emerging from these requirements.

In 2012, we collaborated with Turkish Red Crescent to provide opportunity for our employees to donate their blood with regular periods as part of a support program for Blood Donation. The said project is still ongoing. Furthermore, our Company provides support to the project associated with "Let's Collect Blue Caps to Overcome Obstacles" campaign, initiated in the lead of Faculty of Dentistry of Ege University, where the caps of PVC bottles are delivered to a recycling plant to provide wheelchairs in return for disabled citizens who apply to the Faculty with their medical reports.

We strive relentlessly to activate the "Adding Value to Society" notion, our basic goal in our previous and future Social Responsibility Projects and we sincerely believe that we will accomplish this goal of ours within this context.

Social Responsibility Projects

  • Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) – "1 Year Education Support to as Many Kids as the Number of Our Agencies"
  • Turkish Red Crescent - "Regular Blood Donation"
  • Ege University and Six Points Association of the Blind - "Let's Collect Blue Caps to Overcome Obstacles".

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