personal accident insurance

This insurance covers results of accidents the Insured might have during the insurance period up to the coverage limits specified in the insurance policy in accordance with the Personal Accident General and Special Conditions. The term "accident" means death of, injury to or being subject to a physical casualty by the Insured with the effect of a sudden and external incident occurring beyond the Insured's free will.


Accidental Permanent Disability
In case an accident covered by this policy causes permanent disability of the Insured immediately or within two years following the date of accident, permanent disability insurance amount shall be paid to the Insured with the rates and in accordance with the provisions set out in the Permanent Accent Insurance General Conditions, upon definite determination of such disability.

Accidental Death
In case an accident covered by this policy causes death of the Insured either immediately or within one year following the date of accident, the insurance amount shall be paid to the beneficiaries specified in the insurance policy or otherwise, legal beneficiaries.

Optional Coverage

Accident Treatment Expenses
Insurer shall pay the physician fees and medication, radiography, bathing, massage, hospital and other expenses (excluding transportation fees) incurred during one year following the date of accident, up to the amount specified in the policy for this coverage, provided that it is separately specified (itemized) in the insurance policy which also includes the treatment expenses. Denture expenses for natural or artificial fixed dentures damaged due to accident shall be indemnified up to maximum 10% of the insured amount. Amounts collected from the Insured's employee or under legally compulsory insurance coverages for treatment expenses shall be deducted from the indemnity amount to be paid by the Insurer. In case treatment expenses have been insured by multiple insurers, such expenses shall be shared between the insurers pro rata to the coverage amounts assured. Insurer shall replace the Insured against responsible third parties to the extent of the amount paid by the Insurer with respect to the treatment expenses.

Daily Indemnity
In case the Insured temporarily becomes unfit for work as a result of an accident covered by the insurance, a daily indemnity amount shall be paid to the Insured for maximum 200 days and within the limits specified in the policy, starting from the treatment beginning date until the Insured becomes fit to work again, provided that provisions of Personal Accident General Conditions not in conflict with the special conditions of the insurance policy shall be reserved. In case the insured is or later on becomes partially fit, daily indemnity amount shall be decreased by 50% as of that date.

Emergency Medical Aid (Medline)
  • Medical Consultancy
  • Emergency Health Services
  • Emergency Land Ambulance Service
  • Emergency Physician Service
  • Medication and Supplies
  • Medical Information Bridge

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