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You worked for long years and you eventually have purchased the house of your dreams. But don’t you still have something lacking? Your house which, like a castle, protects you and your family against all kinds of external dangers deserves to be taken under insurance with the Türk Nippon Sigorta Household Insurance.

Insure your house and your goods against all possible risks ranging from fire, lightning, theft ,and storm. Enjoy a peaceful future at your warm home far from anxiety.

Türk Nippon Sigorta Home Insurance Policy Coverage
  • Fire, Lightning, Explosion
  • Internal Water
  • Storm
  • Landsliding
  • Clash of Land Vehicles or Aircraft
  • Smoke
  • Snow Load
  • Strikes, Lockouts, Riots, Civil Commotions, Malicious Acts and Terror
  • Internal Decoration
  • Fire Financial Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Third Parties Financial Liability
  • Loss of Hire
  • Temporary Change of Residence Expenses
  • Debris Removal Expenses
  • Türk Nippon Assistance Services
  • Legal Protection
  • Oncology Support
  • Urgent Medical Aid
Optional Additional Riders
  • Earthquake
  • Flood & Flooding
  • Glass Breakage
  • Theft
  • Inflation Coverage
  • Fixed Asset Theft Coverage
Our Advantages
  • Glass tables and mirrors are included in Glass Breakage coverage.
  • Internal painting works and electrical installation are included in Internal Decoration coverage.
  • Third Party Financial Liability and Personal Accident Coverage.
  • Your electronic devices with limits indicated on Insurance Policy.
  • Food deterioration due to electrical damages.
  • Machinery Breakdown.
  • Properties of Guests.
  • Fuel Leakages from heating vessels.
  • Garden trees and decoration plants.
  • Household goods under custody.
  • Purse Snatching.
  • Breakage by Accident.
  • No Claim Discount.
  • Our Assistance services.
Türk Nippon Asssistance Services
  • Installation Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Glass Works
  • Locksmith Works
  • Provision of Physician and Ambulance
  • Provision of Specialist Nurse and Paid Companion
  • Hotel Services
  • Security Firm
  • Delivery of Urgent Messages
  • Organization of Professional Household Services
  • Information and Organization Services
Emergency Medical Aid Services
If you are a holder of Türk Nippon Sigorta Home Insurance Policy, you can use our Medical Consultancy Service, Emergency Health Service, Ambulance Service, Emerhency Physician Service. It sufficient to call (0212) 444 8 867 Türk Nippon Assistance Center to use these services during an emergency.

Advantage of “Mini Repair with Türk Nippon Sigorta” Service for our valuable customers!...
If you have "Türk Nippon Mini Repair" service on your motor insurance policy, you can apply to the nearest AUTO KING Service Center with your policy at any time...

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