health insurance

only for foreign nationals

The "Foreigners and International Protection Law" which entered
into force in April 2014 makes health insurance a pre-requisite
for the issuance of residence permits to foreign nationals.

This health insurance was designed in accordance with the
regulations, and provides 7/24 insurance coverage by Türk Nippon with its extensive network of institutions and ability to provide rapid response, for any doctor examination charges, treatment and care costs to arise in case of illness or accidents. Don’t you forget that health comes first!

In-Patient Treatment Coverage
  • Hospital services (surgery, operating room, anesthesia, drug, laboratory costs etc.)
  • Room, bed, meal costs for the duration of stay at the hospital
  • All diagnostic biochemistry, microbiology, pathology analyses, radiologic imaging and analyses performed within the framework of in-patient treatment
  • Post-op physiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis
  • Prosthetic limb costs in case of loss of limbs due to accident or illness
  • Treatment at intensive care units
  • Treatment for tooth loss caused by traffic accidents
* In-patient treatment costs at all medical institutions within the network are covered without limit, whereas the in-patient treatments at out-of-network medical institutions are covered up to an annual limit of TRY 20,000, with a 20% insured contribution rate.
Outpatient Treatments
  • Doctor exam
  • Diagnostic analyses
  • Drugs
  • Physiotherapy
* Out-patient treatment costs at all medical institutions are covered up to an annual limit of TRY 2.000, with a 40% insured contribution rate.
Contracted Health Institutions

Click here for contracted health institutions network.

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