Message from General Manager

We offer our clients the highest level of products and services with the most superior team in Insurance ındustry and the power and experience we derive from Harel Group. We are proceeding with confidence since the beginning with our valuable business partners we added to Türk Nippon Sigorta family.

Our target as a dynamic company, effective and distinctive in all issues from service quality to creation of product structure, efficiency of business processes to operational efficiency structures by creating differences for our clients and agencies, is at the top among the most important issues we deal with every day.

To make our convenient pricing structure which we have established through differentiation through detailed risk analysis with the risk management policy we implement by targeting operational profitability on which we built our core structure and to develop strategies in line with the foregoing takes the lead among our highest priority issues.

We continue our operations with the awareness that we should always be there for both our business partners and our clients from the very first moment. I think being available, in other words, being accessible for our business partners and clients at any time is an added value we have created regarding this issue. Our business partners working with multiple firms can contact us on any issue at any time they want, for mutually discussing what we can do on such issue, which shows that we are able to provide such support to a great extent. Accessibility, emerging as a very significant feature within the concept of being distinctive especially comes to the forefront as an effective item included in our goals.

Taking the fact that a competition strategy focused solely on achieving the production goals cannot be sustainable as the starting point, we believe that becoming distinctive within the insurance industry through our well balanced growth strategy would yield more efficient outcomes. All plans we have made so far are prepared as based on this perspective.

Continuing to offer our services in line with this high quality service understanding of ours to our valuable clients, together with our business partners, and to achieve new successes by becoming the most preferred insurance company within the industry will be our objectives for upcoming periods.

Kind Regards,
Dr. E.Baturalp PAMUKÇU

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