compulsory traffic insurance

How about being better prepared for potential accidents with additional advantages we'd offer you, excluding Compulsory Traffic Insurance? This is the reason why the brand new product of Türk Nippon Sigorta, Comprehensive Traffic Insurance exists.

Comprehensive Traffic Insurance does not only meet the requirements of Compulsory Traffic Insurance, it also makes your life easier by including various additional riders offered by Motor Insurance within certain limits.

Here, the Insurer shall meet the legal responsibility belonging to the operator pursuant to Highway Traffic Act No.2918, in cases where the operator causes death or bodily injury of another person or damage on any property during operation of the motor vehicle defined in the insurance policy.

This policy is valid within Turkey. The Insurer shall provide the Insured with the Compulsory Traffic Insurance Stamp and Traffic Accident Report with Material Damage besides the Traffic Insurance Policy.

Our Company covers the towing expenses of the vehicle on which you've caused damage up to 250 TRY.

Advantage of “Mini Repair with Türk Nippon Sigorta” Service for our valuable customers!...
If you have "Türk Nippon Mini Repair" service on your motor insurance policy, you can apply to the nearest AUTO KING Service Center with your policy at any time...

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