DASK follows "Earthquake happens and life goes on" philosophy and aims to ensure that people can safely move on with their lives after the earthquake. Compulsory Earthquake Insurance provides financial guarantee to the owners of insured real estate against earthquake risk and risks of fire, explosion, landslide and tsunami arising from the earthquake. The Company intermediates in making daily lives go back to normal by indemnifying the building damages as rapidly as possible, whether fully or partially damaged.

Türk Nippon Sigorta DASK Insurance Coverage
Building sections indicated below are included in insurance coverage, whether collectively or separately:
  • Foundations
  • Main walls
  • Common walls separating independent sections
  • Garden walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Ceilings and floors
  • Staircases
  • Lifts
  • Stairheads
  • Corridors
  • Roofs
  • Chimneys
  • Complementary sections of the building with features similar to the above.
Situations Excluded from Coverage
Damages incurred due to situations stated below shall not be included in insurance coverage:
  • Debris Removal Expenses
  • Profit Loss
  • Business Interruption
  • Rent Loss
  • Expenses of alternative residence and workplace
  • Financial liabilities and all other similar indirect damages which may be claimed
  • All types of portable goods, commodities and similar
  • All bodily injuries and death
  • Claims for intangible damages
  • Damages arising from reasons other than earthquake and consequential fire, explosion, landslide and tsunami
  • Damages occurring in time due to the defective structure of the building itself, independent of earthquake.
You can prefer Home and Workplace Insurances in addition to the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance for damages not included in the coverage.
Information Required for Insurance
Insured Person:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • TR ID No.
  • Tax ID No (for legal persons)
Insured Building:
  • Mail Address
  • Title Deed/Land Registry Data
  • Year of Construction
  • Type of Construction
  • Total Number of Floors
  • Damage Status
Residence (Flat):
  • Gross Area (m2)
  • Usage Type
We would like to remind you that Compulsory Earthquake Insurance depends totally on representation. Financial losses which may arise due to misrepresentation shall be on the Insured.
Calculation of Premium and Insurance Amounts
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Premium amount you should pay for your insurance is determined through Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Price List and Instruction. Insurance (Coverage) Amount determining the highest limit you can obtain after the earthquake should first be found to calculate your premium amount. Then, premium amount shall be calculated by multiplying your coverage amount with the corresponding price in the Price List.

15 different prices are available in the Price List, determined for 5 risk zones and 3 different types of construction. "Map of Earthquake Zones in Turkey" prepared by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement is taken as basis for separation of earthquake risk zones. Definitions of types of construction indicated in the Price List are as follows:

A- Steel, Reinforced Concrete Structured Buildings: Buildings constructed with steel or reinforced concrete framework.
B- Masonry Buildings: Buildings constructed without any framework, load bearing walls of which are made of dry rubble masonry, materials such as face stones, bricks or cement briquettes with or without hollows; flooring, staircases and ceilings of which are made of concrete or reinforced concrete.
C- Other Buildings: Buildings not covered under A or B above.

Insurance premiums are increased annually in line with the increase in unit cost per square meter.

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